"Tenor saxophonist Jeff Marx, a born-and-raised Detroiter who paid his dues in San Francisco and New York before settling in Chicago, has been a regular visitor to his hometown in recent years. Typically, he drops into Baker's Keyboard Lounge or Cliff Bell's for a one-nighter." — Saxman Jeff Marx heads to an offbeat venue. By MARK STRYKER | CLASSICAL+JAZZ HIGHLIGHTS (AUGUST 14, 2008)

NEW CD: Reviews of 'Dreamstuff' (Ayler Records) · Jeff Marx & Jeff "Siege" Siegel

Listen to mp3 samples of some tracks from 'Dreamstuff'

Review at · Treading Air · Breathing Fire (Soluna) · By Celeste Sunderland

"An album becomes an extraordinary work when it features playing that ventures beyond a category of art created simply to tickle the senses. Tenor saxophonist Jeff Marx' second album, Treading Air · Breathing Fire, ponders metaphysical relations on an immense scale..." Continue...

Review at · Treading Air · Breathing Fire · By Mark F. Turner

"The sixteen minute live piece? "Scare 'Em Stupid" could almost be worth the price of Jeff Marx's new recording alone. It begins with a complex tenor sax and piano dialogue that gives way to an evolving and simply killer sax solo mirrored by equally open piano and bass solos that change in tempo and mood. All of this is held together by some extremely tight drum work. The composition is a good reflection of the overall flow of his new recording, Treading Air · Breathing Fire." Continue...
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